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The starting point for trips to some of Italy’s most beautiful landscapes and environments.

La spiaggia, Hotel ** Zoagli
La passeggiata, Hotel ** Zoagli


Poised on the very cusp of the sea, its waves breaking across the rocky little promontories and inlets, their deep blue providing a breathtaking contrast to the lush green of the vegetation.

This charming little town is a haven of peace and tranquillity, where nature reigns supreme and visitors can enjoy a sweeping view over the entire gulf.

Portofino, Hotel ** Zoagli
Portofino, Hotel ** Zoagli


Nestled into the green peninsula is the stunning bay of Portofino. This typical Ligurian fishing village, with its tall colourful houses arranged in a semicircle around its iconic little piazza, has become one of the world’s most prestigious tourist sites.

It is not just an exclusive destination for internationally famous figures, however: here, it is still possible to immerse yourself in a historic atmosphere of seafaring traditions and patient craftsmanship, where the colours and scents of Liguria find their fullest expression.

Try a visit to the church of San Giorgio, or to see Castello Brown; take a walk out to the lighthouse or hike the many trails that make their way up the hillside, before finally descending to San Fruttuoso: all unique and unforgettable experiences, as nature, the sun and the Mediterranean sea cast their dazzling spell.

Camogli, Hotel ** Zoagli
Camogli, Hotel ** Zoagli


Camogli, a town deeply rooted in ancient seafaring traditions, reveals its charm at every turn: in the narrow laneways that climb up from the sea; in the colourful houses that tower over the beach; in its maritime museum and in its traditional celebrations, like the Sagra del Pesce fish festival held on the second Sunday of May every year.

Also known as the “city of a thousand white sailing ships”, it boasts a marina of ancient origins and an atmosphere that has remained unchanged for centuries.

The area around Camogli also offers many idyllic attractions scattered across the western shore of the Portofino peninsula: Ruta di Camogli, with its stunning view of the coast; enchanting walks along the trails in the hills; and boat trips to the astoundingly beautiful San Fruttuoso bay, where time seems to have frozen within the stark walls of the splendid Benedictine abbey, while outside the sea reflects the deep green of the mountain and harbours its precious treasures.

Genova, Hotel ** Zoagli
Genova, Hotel ** Zoagli


A historic maritime republic, for many centuries the beating heart of maritime traffic in the Mediterranean, today’s Genoa is also a city of art and culture. While still an important marine hub, it has found a fresh source of energy in the challenge of rediscovering its artistic and cultural heritage.

For a fascinating and immersive journey through time, start from the ancient port and wander through the alleyways or caruggi into the medieval historic centre; stroll the splendid streets of Renaissance-era Genoa, with their exquisite churches, palaces and museums; before finally reaching 19th-century Genoa, whose elegant and wide-open spaces now offer a shopping paradise. Eventually you will find yourself back at the sea, with its stunning promenade, or perhaps high up on the hillsides dotted with a ring of fortresses.

Finally, the enormous Aquarium of Genoa is an incredible opportunity to learn about life under the sea, with an extraordinary variety of species from all over the world and immense tanks to capture the imagination.

Cinqueterre, Hotel ** Zoagli
Cinqueterre, Hotel ** Zoagli

Cinque Terre

A day trip is the ideal way to see the famous Cinque Terre, a tourist destination of unrivalled charm, located east of Moneglia towards La Spezia. The cinque terre are five little villages (Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore) perched along the high, jagged coastline, where vines that grow miraculously close to the sea produce highly prized wines.

They are easy to reach by sea or by train, and provide the ideal starting point for idyllic walks like the famous Via dell’Amore, which leads along a precipice above the sea from Riomaggiore to Manarola.


Green hillsides, authentic flavours, inspired itineraries: all just a stone’s throw from the sea.


It’s possible to explore Zoagli and its coastline by hiring canoes, kayaks and motorboats from the seaside facilities on the beach.


Those who prefer trekking will appreciate the variety of trails that lead into the greenery, connecting Zoagli to nearby villages and hamlets.

Silk workshops

Zoagli is known all over the world for the workshops where skilled craftspeople still weave silk, brocades and velvets by hand using ancient looms. This great tradition of creativity is preserved at the Tessitura Artigiana Giuseppe Gaggioli and Seterie Cordani workshops, where the pure and precious joy of handicraft lives on.

Scooters and e-bikes

To get around freely and sustainably, Evolve Ev is a Rapallo business offering electric bicycles and scooters for hire. It also offers e-bike tours and e-bike excursions on Monte di Portofino.


A new and well-equipped playing court awaits you in the centre of Zoagli


Zoagli not only offers its visitors a promenade by the sea, but also pebble beaches where they can find well-equipped resorts with bars and restaurants as well as public beaches and a sunbed rental service.


Just 6 km from Zoagli and easily reachable by train in 5 minutes, the historic centre of Chiavari hosts a daily market where you can find fruit and vegetables, cheeses, cured meats and deli products; an antiques market held on the second weekend of every month; and a gourmet market held on the last weekend of each month.

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